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Your Faeries

The dusk is calm, your eyes are cold,
The ferns grow full in curling fronds,
The path is straight, the trees are dense,

Your faeries touch the damp-edged ponds.

The moon is full and stars are bright
You've found here what it always takes
The grass is soft, the air is sweet

Your faeries swim in lucid lakes.

The night pulls on in blighted dreams
You find you have no other choice
Your mind sinks deep in follied fear

Your faeries sing in unsure voice.

The pre-dawn light is grim and veiled
In seething hate and fozen blood
The clouds are harsh and bringing rain

Your faeries sink into the mud.

The sun is rising, the sparrows squawk
Echoing words of mindless fools
You sink into a dark cocoon

Your faeries drown in stagnant pools.

-Astrid Sonia Tieholz -