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Not of mother, nor of father
Was my creation.
I was made from
The ninefold elements:
From fruit trees,
From paradisal fruit;
From primroses and hill flowers,
From blossom of the trees and bushes;
From the roots of the earth
I was made;
From the bloom of the nettle,
From water of the ninth wave.
Math enchanted me
Before I was made immortal;
Gwydion created me
By his magic wand;
From Emrys and Euryon,
From Mabon and Modron,
From five fifties of magicians
And masters like Math was I made.
I was made by the master
In his highest ecstasy;
By the wisest of druids
I was made before the world began.

- Cad Goddeu -
(translated by Caitlin Matthews)