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Faery Poetry 2

A Faery Song William Butler Yeats

The Goblin Market Christina Rossetti

Blodeuwedd Book of Taliessin

Blodeuwedd Cad Goddeu

Rainbow Fairies Unknown

The Host of the Air William Butler Yeats

The Magic Lake Kathleen Foyle

The Shadow People Francis Ledwidge

The Spell Struck T.W. Rolleston

The Distant Waterfall Unknown

Tale of the Four White Swans Fiona Macleod

Morgan La Fey Madison Cawein

The Fairies William Allingham

The Three Wishes Mark Shapiro

Fairy Song Thomas Haynes Bayly

The Fairy Lover Moireen Fox

The Leprehaun From An Old Irish Ballad/Song

The Lepracaun William Allingham

Brigit Speaks Fiona MacLeod

The Fairy Nurse EdwardWalsh

The Woman of Beare Stephen Gwynne

To The Lianhaun Shee Thomas Boyd

Fairy Song W.B. Yeats

The Banshee John Todhunter

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