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Epona by Enya

He Who Would Dream Of Fairyland

It was late on an eve in midsummer,
I fell sleeping on the green,
And when I awoke in wonder, I saw
What few mortal men have seen.

Changelings, fays and sprites,
A mighty swarm, all had taken to the air,
And before them passed their Fairy Queen,
She.. the fairest of the fair.

And her mantle was of Queen Anne's lace,
Her skirt was of grass green silk,
And round her crown lay pearls,
One, two, three, as white as cowslips milk.

And then came her ladies, one, two, three,
All radiant by her side,
'Come hither' she cried 'Sweet bonny knight'
'Take a fairy for your bride.

One wore a gown of wild thyme blooms,
One wore bluebells in her hair,
One wore a cloak of elder leaves,
Each was fairer than fair.

'Then who shall you choose my bonny knight
Pray which of my ladies one, two, three?'
'Tis none of the maidens, lady fair,
Tis thee that I choose, tis thee.'

'So that's who you choose my bonny knight
Ah, what fools ye mortals be,
Ye're not the first of my suitors, and
Tis I who must choose, not ye.'

Without another word she faded
Like grey mist upon the moor,
And she left me there alone again,
Just as I had been before..

-Micheal Patrick Hearn-