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Slipping through the silent trees,
Flowing through the silent night,
Swimming on the summer breeze,
Knowing all of summerís delight.

Silver wings glide through the air,
Blue as the sky shows her eyes,
Silver is her flowing hair,
True beauty shows with no disguise.

Laughter on the summer wind,
Dance by night in forest glen,
Banter with her spritely kin,
Prancing with her bright eyed friend.

Faeries dance in the pale moonlight,
Sidhe join in to dance and sing,
Merrily they dance and fly tonight,
Did they not enjoyment bring?

Slipping through the flowers they go,
To their homes to sleep today
Flitting away from the sun that shows,
To bed they head do not delay.

Daylight shows on the faerie ring,
Grass and flowers and stones,
But tonight what moonlight brings,
The court of the fey, queen on her throne.

Slowly goes the bright sun down,
Twilight spreads across the land,
Mostly have the fey gathered around,
By flight they come with picsie brands.

The night is bright with faerie light,
The queen does dance this faerie round,
The sight is sweet this faerie night,
The queen does sing, a beautiful sound.

With childís eyes we must seek out,
The faerie dance this lovely sight,
With innocence and heart devout",
We seek the faerie dance tonight.

- John Longarrow -