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Fairy Workers

Said the Fairies of Kilfinnan
To the Fairies of Macroom
"Oh! send to us a shuttle
For our little fairy loom.

Our workers, one and twenty
Are waiting in the Coom ---"
So Kilfinnan got the shuttle,
From the Fairies of Macroom.

Kilfinnan got the shuttle,
The shuttle for the loom.
"Now send us back a hammer,"
Said the Fairies of Macroom.

"We've cobblers, one and twenty,
All idle in their room."
And Kilfinnan sent a hammer
To the Fairies of Macroom.

The Queen of all the Fairies
Sat in her drawing-room
Her robes came from Kilfinnan,
Her brogues came from Macroom.

Now, at the Royal Dinner
The proudest in the room
Were the Fairies from Kilfinnan
And the Fairies from Macroom.

- Patrick MacGill -