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Sea Dawn

From Wicklow to the throb of dawn
I walked out to the sea alone
And by the black rocks came upon
A being from a world unknown.

As proud she sat as any queen
On high, and naked as the air:
Her limbs were lustrous, and a sheen
Of sea-gold flowed from her flowing hair.

And as the spreading sea did swell
With dawns strange and brimming light
Her little breasts arose and fell
As if in concord with the sight.

Faint was the sea sound that she made
Of little waves that melt in sand
While with her honey hair she played
And arched the mirror in her hand.

I watched her lift her head and glance,
Then lean away with grace divine
I stood enraptured till in chance
Within the glass her eyes met mine.

No eyes had ever such a look,
And then I saw her free her eyes
They dwelt in mine. Mine they took
With wonder and with no surprise.

My heart was molten. I gave up
My heart as she looked deep in me
The morning as a crystal cup
Held us within the sky and sea.

"I love the soul within you."Thus
I spoke to her "Sea woman, come.
Come as the new morning dawns for us.
This human earth shall be your home."

She answered only with a moan
That I shall hear until I die,
And in that instant she was gone.
Bare was the rock, silent the sky.

-Francis Hackett-